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Our company develops and sells products for water-sports like Canoeing, Rowing and Dragonboat racing. Worldwide we supply regatta courses with everything they need for a successful competition.

We can equip regatta courses with a complete set or with single components like automatic start systems, time measurement systems, albano systems, livestreams and more. Since our establishment in 2003 we were present in several regattas, regional as well as international (ICF and FISA). IMAS is actively developing the technical, organizational and presentational components of regatta sports to make them more interesting and enjoyable for all the people – athletes as well as visitors.


IMAS Start System

With the FISA and ICF certified automatic IMAS start system you can execute precise starts in canoe, rowing and dragon boat sports. Our start sytems have been successfully used at numerous World Championships, European Championships and World Cups in recent years.

The buoyant system can be set up within a very short time, pulled with the help of a motor boat to the start line and made operational in a few simple steps. There are no divers required for construction or attachment. The starts can be triggered from any point on the regatta course. Acoustic signals and loudspeaker announcements inform the athletes about the start procedure.

The system's framework is made of aluminum, and the mechanics work with compressed air. The optional use of a compressed air bottle and a battery-box for the starting suit-case allows the autonomous use of the system, independently of a power network.


  • Construction and transport to the starting line within 2 hours
  • no divers necessary
  • in modular design (easy transport)
  • can be used for canoe, rowing and dragon boat (variable width and boots)
  • for salt and fresh water
  • complete system is buoyant and can be moved up and down within a few minutes to change the distance (no snagging on the albano system)
  • only requires compressor of small size
  • oil-free operation of the plant to protect our environment
  • very low maintenance

IMAS Time System

Our time system allows the timing of all split times and the finish time by only a few people in the target tower. It is highly compact, allows measurements in a 1ms resolution and is ready with minimal installation due to Plug & Play. The analysis of races can easily be done, even while the challenge is still in progress. Recording of all data within the cameras, up to 32 hours, assures reliability.

How does it work?

IMAS cameras are located at the split time positions and in the finish tower, which can record the position and time of the boats via our time measurement software. The line scan cameras record the times with an accuracy of 1/1000 s.

The start time of the time measurement can be the starting signal of the start system or an external signal.

IMAS Albano System

Our Albano system adapts perfectly to your local conditions and the water level. With large, bright buoys it is easy to see for every athlete and spectator even in adverse conditions.

The IMAS Albano system can be converted between canoeing and rowing (in accordance with the FISA and ICF standards) within a very short time and with minimal personnel expenditure. The installation of the system can be carried out on canals and lakes with any water depth and bank distance.

How does it work?

The Albano system consists of 10 buoy ropes for canoe ropes, which mark the rugs with a width of 9 m each. In rowing, only 9 ropes with a distance of 13.5 m are needed. The tracks are marked by buoys with a diameter of 150 mm and a distance of 10 m to 12.5 m. Every 500 m, the boom ropes are secured by a transverse bracing to avoid shifting due to the effects of the weather. On the start and finish side, a buoyant hangs on each rope to ensure the correct height.

In canals or small lakes, where the shore is not far from the tracks of the regatta course, the buoy rope and transverse tension can be secured to the shore with a pulley and winch. Thus, no major structural measures in the water are necessary.

For larger waters our special IMAS clamping system is used. This allows us to mount in the middle of a lake and to balance the fluctuating water level.

IMAS Multidesk

The Multidesk is your number one choice for handling the automatic start system by the help of the IMAS time system.

Races and lane reservations are being displayed on the Multidesk's 10" touch-screen, for the starter. The touch-screen is readable at daylight.

The integrated amplifier for the automatic start system's loudspeakers, and the possibility of recording and displaying false starts, sets the system apart from the others.

The use of two identical Multidesks enables the starting sequence between Starter and Aligner, which is necessary for rowing. Other start systems can be operated by an external starting impulse from Multidesk.



For small regatta routes, there are often no launch towers. The IMAS tent with its stable and weatherproof construction is ideal as a starter and information tent. In just a few minutes, the visually striking tent with a sturdy aluminum construction is built and ready for use. The tent can be equipped with a holder for a false start camera and WLAN antenna.

IMAS Speakers

The IMAS speaker system consists of individual pressure chamber loudspeakers, which are specially optimized for outdoor use and good voice reproduction. The directional sound opening allows sound to be concentrated in a specific direction, thus achieving high efficiency even in windy conditions. In addition, the volume is reduced in the immediate vicinity of the sound orifice so that comfortable work around it is possible.

IMAS LED Scoreboard

With the IMAS LED scoreboard, you can quickly and easily view race results, split times, track and promotional videos. Race information can be displayed without delay. The scoreboard is very robust and well protected against wind and weather. We can supply you with LED displays of any size and equipment. So you can not only show race results and split times, but also record videos and TV recordings live and stream them to the scoreboard.

IMAS Light System

The IMAS lights are characterized by their strong luminosity and compact design. The though and splash-proof housings, coupled with the solid water-protected cables and connectors ensure long-lasting reliable operation. The connection cables are led from one to the next traffic light, which reduces the cable and installation costs. The traffic lights are offered in the combination red/green and red/white.

Live Streaming

Live streaming, 20sqm LED Video wall trailer with control room for rent


Regatta Manager

Regattas can be conveniently planned offline with the IMAS regatta manager. This can include racing classes, athletes, clubs, boats and more.

For example, the regatta manger creates daily schedules, race lists, compiles heats and raffles placements for finals and intermediate runs according to recognized rules.

The system works hand in hand with the IMAS time system. All changes made in the manager are instantly available on the other IMAS components.

Medal Tally

With our medals software, you can always transfer current medals and points scores on LED screens and the Internet.

The data is automatically updated after a selectable time interval from the IMAS server. With each update, the data can be made available online. Thanks to the sophisticated presentation, viewers can follow the racing events live on their home PC or via smartphone.


With our entry system IMAS-Online it is easy to initialize your regatta. You can create the whole competition online or import the required data to the system with the help of table-files. Participating teams can make their entries through IMAS-Online. With just a few steps you can import all the entries into your IMAS regatta manager.

Regatta Results

On our results page you can check the results of all regattas executed with IMAS time system software. If you or a team from IMAS measures the time of a competition with the IMAS time system, we can provide live results during the regatta. So the viewers always have the newest results at home and at the regattacourse.


Rental service

Our start systems can easily be rented for one or more events. We handle worldwide transport, system set-up and briefings by our experienced employees. Optionally, you can also rent the IMAS time system, a video screen, lights for rowing competitions and Wi-Fi modules for route communication. Early booking of the system avoids scheduling conflicts and guarantees a perfect start for your event.

Event management

We offer support for the planning, management and execution of regattas. You can easily initialize your regatta with the IMAS-Online entry system. Our IMAS regatta manager imports entries and gives you full control of your regatta. With the IMAS time system you can measure the time of all the participants and automatically make them available to the whole system. With our systems you can easily manage and perform a whole competition by yourself and optionally staff from IMAS supports you.


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